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Oct 18, 2017

OSP 85! This week Dann is joined by Nick Paris from Greater New Orleans Detailing LLC New Orleans Louisiana, Dakota Wallace from Capitol Toyota in Chattanooga Tennessee, Julius Shoemaker from Adopted Detail, Eldridge Iowa, and Father and son team Greg and Joe Pagh from Detailing Pros, Portland Oregon. We discuss the training class, where these guys come from, and what they do, in a friendly roundtable! This is the one , auto detailing podcast, that gives those Obsessed , the ammo to succeed!

Oct 12, 2017

OSP 84! This week Dann sits down with AJ Villanueva of AJ’s Detailing in Victoria Texas. Not only does AJ make cars shine, he also works full time at a nursing and rehabilitation facility. This is the auto detailing podcast that gives the obsessed the ammo for perfection!!

Oct 4, 2017

This week the Opti Trio tackles some of the ins and outs of building a franchise. Yvan reaches into his bag of experience and talks about lessons he learned while building the franchise which he is still part owner in. 

Sep 27, 2017

OSP 82! They just keep coming. This week Dann sits down with Tyre Sadler of Pierce Detailing and Restoration, to discuss interior repair and restorations. This is content I have not really done before. I had a ton of questions, and Tyre had a ton of answers. This is the one auto detailing podcast to get those obsessed in the garage people the right ammo! If you want to shop talk with the worlds best detailers, you have found a home!

Sep 20, 2017

OSP 81! This week on the Optimum Synergy Podcast Adam Huber, Dustin Wharton, and Dann sit down to talk about many detailing issues. From what to do when there is a customer complaint, to social media, and marketing. You can’t go wrong with the Optimum Synergy, auto detailing podcast! This podcast gives those obsessed in the garage the ammo to be top notch!

Sep 13, 2017

OSP 80! Sometimes we just get the Opti Coat Regional Managers together and hit record. That is pretty much what we did. We talk about some of the new products, procedures, diets, SEMA, not much was left out this week.

Sep 6, 2017

OSP 79! This week Mack and Dann do a new installer video conference with Matt Selen of Preferred Auto Detailing and Restoration in Ft Lauderdale Florida. Matt brings some great experience and insights to the Optimum Family. Keep an eye on this shining star!

Aug 30, 2017

OSP 78! This week I chat with Mr Jason Barker. I wonder why it took so long to get this guy on here?!?! We discuss many aspects of starting and building a detailing business. From the concept, to accounting we seem to touch it all. Headphones on, buffer up! This is the auto detailing podcast that gives you the ammo to become obsessed with success and profits!

Aug 23, 2017

OSP 77! So when I heard our friends at the Rag Company were starting a podcast also, I said hey, lets release a joint podcast to share the news, they said sure, and here is what we got. I do usually edit a bit more, but they didn’t, so I didn’t. Dann and Yvan talk to the rag Crew in a fun filled hour chat. What did we cover? Listen and find out!

This is the ultimate auto detailing podcast, where you can have the ammo to become obsessed with car care!Whether you are a car wash, weekend warrior, work at a dealership, or at a high end detail shop, this is for you!

Aug 16, 2017

OSP 76! This week I had the pleasure of talking with Joe Torbati, Man Leung, and Alexander Dinh, about Andrews Website and SEO services. Alexander does a lot of coating/detailer websites, and his reviews are glowing. Then we travel to Burbank California to meet one of the newest Opti installers, Jordan Schultz, of SteamEZ. I just worked on a project after this recording with Jordan and his partner Tony, these guys are rising stars! Seriously. Auto detailing, car wash, car care, we give you the ammo, to become obsessed with keeping your ride looking its best!

Aug 9, 2017

This week Dann sits down with Paul, a fireman. Paul introduced Optimum No Rinse (ONR) to his department, and now they are saving water for what it is needed, putting out fires! 

Paul has a great story, so headphones on, buffers on, podcast on! we got you covered in this auto detailing podcast. We give you the ammo to be obsessed with keeping your ride pristine!

Aug 2, 2017

OSP 74! This week Dann and Adam Huber, one of the newest Opti Family members sit down and discuss all kinds of stuff. Sales, marketing , coatings, polishing, detailing you name it, I think we covered it. 

Jul 26, 2017

OSP 73! This week Yvan and Dann talk to Grame Love, who uses the Hyper Paint Correction System exclusively. Grame has dialed in the system and offers his insights about the advantages of learning and using the entire system. 


Listen, share, rate, review, do it!!!

Jul 18, 2017

OSP 72! This week we step outside the box. Merhdad and Dann do a business coaching session with My Tennent, who is a hair stylist. It is very interesting to se how both, and probably most, small businesses share the same trials and potential pitfalls. We do a coaching session then follow up a month later. The results? Download this podcast and find out! Hair stylists, paint perfectionists, so many similarities!

Auto detailing podcast, ammo, obsessed , car care, Opti coat, ceramic coating, optimum, car wash, wax, hair color


Download, listen, share, RATE, REVIEW, seriously review and rate on whatever app you listen on!!!

Jul 12, 2017

OSP 71!  This episode come from a phone call I received from Art Baca. He writes down 3 questions a week, and reaches out to 3 people in the Detail industry each week to ask the questions. If you call me for anything like this, we hit record. 

A little auto detailing chat!

Jul 5, 2017

OSP 70! This week on your favorite auto detailing podcast, Dann and Yvan answer submitted questions. Then I sit down with Chad Morgan, owner of . This new app is going to blow the doors off of how you send info, quotes, and manage your clients. Seriously, I am blown away, and keep finding yet another use for this app unfold as I use it. Originally built for car salesmen, it translates to detailing business seamlessly. I do not often get excited about something like this, but this one is different. Try it free for 1 days, no cc needed... use code optical at checkout and get 50 percent off first month if you decide to use it. We give detailers who are obsessed, the ammo to win!  

Jun 28, 2017

The auto detailing podcast stems from a post Andy Rogers made last week. He was sells mostly Opti Coat Pro and needed a little boost to sell the Plus. So, we bring in a couple power houses, Kevin Song and Dennis Lerdahl, who give their take and advice to plump up sales and bank balances. This podcast gives you the ammo to become obsessed with higher sales and better quality!

Jun 21, 2017

OSP 68! This week Yvan joins Dann in discussing the new Opti Coat Maintenance line of products. Yet another opportunity for Opti Coat Authorized businesses to create income. From the slick packaging to the upgrades of the products in this line. Then we break down the decon wash. Steps, and proper chemicals, and methods to assure the coating performs its best, for years to come!


auto detailing, small business, car care, car wash, ceramic coating, Opti coat

Jun 14, 2017

OSP 67! Optimum Synergy Podcast takes you to Miami Florida, to meet MR David Pedre. This man has spent his life in the industry starting with rental car details in the early 90's, to 15 years as a Meguiars Rep, to Business and Sales Coach, to Distributor Business Partner. Lots of lessons and stories from this all around nice guy.








Car wash, car care, Opti coat, ceramic coating, how to, do it yourself, small business, obsessed, auto detail podcast, 

Jun 7, 2017

This week I sit down with Matt Moreman from Obsessed Garage to get his take on the Optimization training he attended at the Optimum Mothership. Also learn about his plans to incorporate some of the Optimum line into his wash kit offering. Always a pleasure to chat with Matt.


Car care, ceramic coating, Opti coat, Carr wash, do it yourself, wax, show car, detailing podcast.

May 30, 2017

This week I found an unreleased Q&A session recorded aboard the original Opti Force 1 while traveling from New Orleans to Memphis. Then we meet Tony Williams, Mr Sandman, from Sandman Racing. He Drives in the Pro Mod Opti Car. Drag racing since he was 16. They travel the midwest and burn up the strip! Then Meet Opti Coats youngest racer. Jake Harstad, driving numbers 59 for Harstad Racing. At 12 years old Jake has been at it for half of his life. A Smart and bright young driver in the early stages. This guys will be one to watch!


car racing, auto detailing, car care, Opti coat, optimum, racing, auto detailing podcast, obsessed, wax, car wash, small business, do it yourself

May 24, 2017

OSP 64! 

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Saad Ahmed Director of Obsession Car Detailing, in Canberra Australia. Saad left medical school to be a paint Dr. PPF, Paint Correction, Opti Coat. Auto Detailing at its finest!

May 16, 2017

Optimum Synergy Podcast 63! The hits keep coming. This week I sit down with Preston Banks, Detail Manager of Kranz Family Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Kansas and June Jones, Detail Manager at Jim Glover Chevrolet on the River in Tulsa Oklahoma. Get some insight at what it takes, and how rewarding dealership detailing can actually be. Then learn how much more efficient a dealership detail shop can become when it gets Optimized! Auto detailing, car wash, car care, how to, DIY, ceramic coating , Opti Coat!

May 10, 2017

OSP 62! This week I sit down with Art Baca for what was going to be a short behind the buffer segment. He had so much to say about starting and building and business, that it turned into a full show. Learn how he grinned to get his first customers in grocery store parking lots, hear about his secret METHod of cleaning meth out of interiors for insurance companies, and how to grow a business with Optimum! Auto detailing, car detailing, car wash, ceramic coating, detail podcast , obsessed.

May 2, 2017

OSP 61!

This week, via Skype, Dennis Lerdahl of Owners Pride and I discuss each product from a new installer kit, and its proper use. We also dig into Dennis's background and find out how he coats so many cars in Nebraska! Then Dustin Kieth Harley Michaud,  man with multiple names and jobs, discuss working for GM and detailing in upstate New York! An Auto Detailing Podcast at its finest. Learn about ceramic coatings, detailing, car washes, how to do it yourself, and a lot of tips and tricks for business owners and enthusiasts alike!

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